How To Switch Business Energy Supplier?

Want to reduce your business’s energy costs? With Energy Solutions (ES) Ltd., you can easily compare gas and electricity rates from the UK’s top suppliers. Just be sure to understand the switching process first.

What is the best time to switch energy providers?

Business energy contracts differ from domestic ones. You can switch your business energy tariff in these situations:

  • If you’re on a contract you didn’t choose, often when taking over new premises or post-expiration of a fixed-term contract without renewal.
  • When your contract has ended, free of binding terms. Remember, some contracts require notice before leaving.
  • During a fixed-term contract, you can typically start looking for a new supplier six months before its end.

Switching rules for microbusinesses?

No, microbusinesses in the UK have distinct rules for switching gas and electricity suppliers. They can secure a new energy deal with over 30 days left on an existing contract. Rollover contracts are limited to 12 months and can be ended anytime without notice or fees. Your supplier will inform you 60 days before your contract expires, detailing your annual usage and comparing current and new offers.

Is your business a microbusiness?

Microbusinesses in the UK are defined by the following criteria:

  • Annual electricity usage under 100,000 kWh.
  • Annual gas consumption is less than 293,000 kWh.
  • Fewer than 10 employees with either an annual turnover not exceeding £632,000 or a balance sheet total under £316,000 (at least two of these financial conditions must be satisfied).
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