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Want to save on your business energy costs? Fill out your postcode now for an accurate quote that saves your business money. Energy Solutions (ES) LTD helps lower your business energy bills online.

We get your quote in seconds – use our postcode form above, fill in a little information about your current energy bill and we can provide you with a tailored business gas comparison in no time.

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Our customer service is second to none – we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service to all our customers, directly from our in-house expert team.

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We do it for you – our business gas comparison service does all the work for you, so once you’ve entered your details, we sort it all behind the scenes.

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Switching has never been easier – once you’ve chosen your supplier of choice, we’ll get to work to provide you with a painless, stress-free switching process.
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We’re designed for business – unlike other business gas comparison sites, we work exclusively with companies to provide them with excellent commercial gas prices for their energy bills.

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We help you to save – The majority of our customers experience significant savings through Energy Solutions (ES) LTD, thanks to our comprehensive list of suppliers and advanced business gas comparison system.

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What types of business gas tariffs are available in the UK?

In the UK, businesses can choose from various gas tariffs:

  • Fixed Rate: Lock in a fixed unit rate for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of gas usage throughout your contract period.
  • Variable Rate: Link your payments to the wholesale market; unit rates can fluctuate in response to market trends.
  • Extended Tariff: If your contract lapses without renewal or switching, you might end up on an extended tariff.
  • Flex Approach: Purchase your business’s gas in advance, giving you access to wholesale market rates.
  • Pass-Through: Lock in a fixed gas cost per unit, combined with variable additional charges like Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS).
  • Deemed Rate: If you don’t choose a specific contract, you will pay the default rate, which is usually the highest.

Is the Cheapest Business Gas Plan the Right Choice?

In today’s challenging energy market, finding the right gas deal for your business goes beyond just picking the cheapest one. We know it’s tough out there, especially with the energy crisis making things more complex. But don’t worry; our energy experts are here to make things easier for you.

Let us take the helm in your search for the next gas deal. We’re not just focused on the lowest prices; we’re committed to what’s best for your business. Sometimes, the smart move might be negotiating a better deal with your current supplier. So, why not have a chat with our friendly energy consultants? We’re eager to understand your needs and find the perfect electricity provider that’s just right for your business.
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